Rift Mage

Rift Mage

Mages are one of  the four callings available in Rift, the others being Rogue, Cleric and Warrior.  We are going to look at the particulars of a Rift Mage here and give you the ups and downs of choosing this calling.  No matter what calling you choose though, Rift is still a fun game to play!

What’s a Mage and Why Would I Want To Be One?

In Dictionary.com, a Mage is defined as an old way of saying “Magician”.  In terms of Rift, this is basically correct, since the Mage is the most magical of all the callings.  You have the Warrior, who’s like an enforcer, then you have the Rogue who’s the sly one and you also have the Cleric who’s like, in modern terms, a doctor, or in archaic terms, a healer.  Finally, the Mage is the magic man.

Mages use their magical powers to fight and defeat their enemies.  Items such as wands, tomes, staffs and totems are used to direct and focus their power.  The kind of armor an opponent is using becomes irrelevant against the mysterious magical powers of a Mage.  The Mage is able to harness ambient powers in the planes and focus it where they wish.

The Education Of A Rift Mage

All this doesn’t come easy of course. It takes study and patience.  The mage is a student of the environment around him.  They are researchers, who have studied the planar energies surrounding Telara and experimented with their surroundings.  Mages don’t need any help from Spirits or Gods to weave their magic.  

Mages also have formal education at one of the two recognized schools in Telara.   There is Quicksilver College which is run by master Elves and students of the Mathosian persuasion study there.  The other school is in Meridian where the knowledge of the nomadic Eth people is propagated by Defiant masters.  As is expected, a clear rivalry exists between these schools.

Check Out Some Mage Gameplay!

Rift Mages And Specialization

Ultimately all mages specialize in one area and utilize the following souls to do so:

  • Archon – Steal energy from their enemies and turn it into beneficial magic.
  • Chloromancer – Draw energetic essence from nature and utilize it to their advantage.
  • Dominator – Strike fear into the hearts of their opponents such that they are unable to act.
  • Elementalist – Control the forces of nature to use against their enemies.
  • Necromancer – Use their pet and the dead to inflict damage.
  • Pyromancer – Master of fire and one of the most destructive of Mages.
  • Stomcaller – Water, wind and electric shock are at his command to subdue opponents.
  • Warlock – Cast destructive curses that can destroy the soul and body of an enemy.

How Rift Mages Are Equipped

 Mages weave and focus their magic through the use of such article as tomes, staffs, wands and totems.  Magic is usually best used at a distance, therefore in close combat Mages make use of daggers and short swords.  Their clothing is usually light since casting spells requires freedom of movement and concentration.

Mages are an integral and indispensable part of the game of Rift.  Their powerful magical abilities  are a force to be reckoned with.  Any Rift experience is incomplete with them.  If you want your mage to level to 50 fast and become a “super mage”, then check out this popular Rift Leveling Guide.

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